On the Desk/Spring 2024


Dear Readers,


On the eve of summer 2024, I reflect on the passage of this past six months in terms of publications. I am pleased to share my recent publication news with you and an available link.


Published Poems:

Teaching a Dog about Death published in Vol. 14 Last Stanza Journal available on Amazon.

Hand Fishing  Poetry – Third Street Review (third-street-review.org)


Hand Fishing is the title poem from my collection currently entered in several chapbook contests. As you may know, poetry contests are often flooded with submissions so I could use all the luck and magic you can send my way!

In March, I completed my novel, The First Nellie Kelly, (formerly The Ingenue) A Novel of the Roaring Twenties under the enthusiastic oversight of my terrific, professional editor, Lorraine Ash. The daunting process of finding a literary agent and/or independent publisher is underway. I am learning a great deal about commercial publishing which differs so significantly from literary journal publishing that I often feel like I’m hiking in a jungle without a trail map.

May you all have a summer full of captivating reads, lounging, good food and fun.

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